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CoorsTek invites you to join us at the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo.

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Join CoorsTek in Novi, MI this September 10-12 for the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo (EVT19). CoorsTek will join over 8,500 industry professionals dedicated to advancing automotive technologies, with a focus on automotive components, battery components, battery management systems, drivetrain, motors and controllers, and charging infrastructure.

Visit CoorsTek in Booth 1161 to learn more about how technical ceramic components are reshaping the possible in EV and Hybrid systems.


show details

Dates & Times
Tuesday, September 10, 10am – 6pm
Wednesday, September 11, 10am – 6pm
Thursday, September 12, 10am – 4pm
Show Location
Suburban Collection Showplace
46100 Grand River Avenue
Novi, MI 48374

How to Find CoorsTek
Booth 1161 (View Floor Plan)


What You Will See at EVT19

CoorsTek technical ceramics advance electric and hybrid vehicle technologies by improving the functional performance of the systems they go into – extending system life, increasing safety, and extending range. A premium ceramic formulation can outperform polymers and metals in these systems.

At EVT19, CoorsTek will display a broad range of components and capabilities for battery electric, hybrid, and other automotive applications: 


Custom Ceramic ComponentsLasered Alumina Substrate
Utilizing more than half the world's known elements in more than 300 proprietary material formulations and numerous manufacturing and finishing processes, CoorsTek manufactures innovative high-value, functional solutions for customers.


Technical Ceramic Substrates for High Power ElectronicsMetallized Substrates
CoorsTek technical ceramic substrates provide superior mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties that improve safety and performance of electronic systems in high power and harsh environments. With a global footprint and vertically integrated manufacturing, CoorsTek offers high value, precision production.


Cerbec® Silicon Nitride Rolling ElementsCerbec Silicon Nitride Bearing Balls
With extreme hardness, reduced weight, and high dielectric strength Cerbec® silicon nitride rolling elements offer the some of the highest performance available in today's marketplace. In addition to extending distance traveled in between charges, Cerbec® rolling elements can extend the life of electric vehicle powertrains by preventing electric current from passing through the bearing assembly.


Technical Ceramic Components for Sensor SystemsTechnical Ceramic Automotive Sensor Components
CoorsTek leads the market in ceramic sensor components - delivering over 100,000,000 technical ceramic sensor components each year. From ultra-sensitive pressure and temperature sensors to oxygen and chemical sensors, CoorsTek provides high-performance ceramic components in virtually any service condition or application.


Ceramic Components for High-Brightness LEDsTechnical Ceramic Components for Automotive LED Headlamps
As a proven supplier to leading automotive headlamp manufacturers, CoorsTek offers high-volume precision manufacturing, secondary metallization processing, and a global footprint to meet your requirements.


Next Generation Substrates for Power Electronics: GaN on Si EpiwafersGaN on Si Epiwafer
Gallium Nitride wafers are replacing Silicon for more energy-efficient, smaller, cooler, and faster power devices in demanding applications such as solar cell inverters and electric and hybrid vehicles. CoorsTek deposits thin epitaxial layers of GaN on top of Si to create waters with the benefits of pure GaN at a much better value. 


Carbon Brushes for Electric MotorsCarbon Brushes for Micro DC Motors
CoorsTek is a leading manufacturer of carbon brushes used in electric motor assemblies. Wear-resistant carbon brushes offer excellent thermal stability and electrical conductivity, and provide superior environmental benefits as compared to lead brushes.



Technical Ceramic Components for Electric Air HeatersElectric Air Heater Component
CoorsTek technical ceramics offer high thermal conductivity, exceptional dielectric and mechanical strength, and thermal stability to enable the safest and highest performing electric air heater systems.



Technical Ceramic Components for High Voltage Battery SystemsCeramic Busbar Insulator Components
CoorsTek technical ceramic components provide efficient mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties that improve safety and performance of high voltage battery systems. With a global footprint and vertically integrated manufacturing, CoorsTek offers high value, precision production.

Why CoorsTek?

Manufacture of Complex Parts
CoorsTek offers a broad range of manufacturing and finishing options utilizing over 300 advanced ceramic material formulations. CoorsTek leverages numerous process capabilities along with our manufacturing expertise to produce extraordinarily complex parts for advanced technology applications. 

CoorsTek has manufacturing facilities across the world, in 13 countries across three continents. With immense manufacturing capacity, CoorsTek is capable of meeting the needs of high-volume production runs, regardless of design intricacy.

Our manufacturing facilities are certified to numerous international quality standards including ISO:2015 and TS:16949.



Introduction to CoorsTek (VIDEO) 


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