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Join CoorsTek at the EV/Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

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Join CoorsTek in Novi, MI this September 13-15 for the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo (EVT22). CoorsTek will join over 10,000 industry professionals dedicated to advancing automotive technologies, with a focus on automotive components, battery components, battery management systems, drivetrain, motors and controllers, and charging infrastructure.

Visit CoorsTek in Booth 1258 to learn more about how technical ceramic components are reshaping the possible in EV and Hybrid systems.



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Aaron Miller, PhD
Technical Session Speaker

Benefits of Silicon Nitride Bearing Balls for High Voltage Traction Motors

Thursday, September 15, 2022 1:45pm - 2:30pm 

Aaron Miller PhD

In this presentation, CoorsTek R&D Engineer Aaron Miller will discuss the benefits of using Silicon Nitride bearing balls in EV traction motors. Unlike steel, silicon nitride hybrid bearing assemblies provide strong electrical insulation to eliminate arching without compromise to critical mechanical properties. 

Aaron received his BS in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and his PhD in Materials Science, both from the Colorado School of Mines. While his initial focus was on oxide ceramics for armor applications, he has since shifted to non-oxide ceramic materials for applications serving renewable energy, national defense, and semiconductor production. At CoorsTek, his efforts have contributed to improved ceramic bearings used in wind generation, aerospace, and automotive industries.



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Expo Dates & Times
Tuesday, September 13, 9:30am – 4:30pm
Wednesday, September 14, 9:30am – 4:30pm
Thursday, September 15, 9:30am – 3pm

Show Location
Suburban Collection Showplace
46100 Grand River Avenue
Novi, MI 48374

How to Find CoorsTek
Booth 1258 (View Floor Plan)


What You Will See at EVT22

CoorsTek technical ceramics advance electric and hybrid vehicle technologies by improving the functional performance of the systems they go into – extending system life, increasing safety, and extending range. A premium ceramic formulation can outperform polymers and metals in these systems.

At EVT22, CoorsTek will display a broad range of components and capabilities for battery electric, hybrid, and other automotive applications: 

Cerbec Bearing Balls

Cerbec® Bearing Balls for EV Traction Motors
Cerbec® silicon nitride bearing balls offer the ideal combination of mechanical strength and electrical resistivity for usage in electric vehicle traction motors. Unlike steel, silicon nitride hybrid bearing assemblies provide strong electrical insulation to eliminate arcing without compromise to critical mechanical properties. Cerbec balls are extremely smooth for low friction, tough enough to withstand shock loads, and very hard for rolling efficiency and durability. 

Ceramic Hard Face Seal ComponentEngineered Components for E-Mobility Applications

Technical ceramics offer numerous benefits for high-voltage battery packs, traction motor cooling systems, and high-voltage connection points such as inlets, busbars and relays. Ceramics are lightweight, high-temperature resistant, and chemically inert for cell-to-cell, module-to-module, and pack level protection. Our world-class mechanical hard face ceramic seal components are specifically engineered for active cooling fluid systems.


Polycrystalline YAGTechnical Ceramics for Automotive Light Detection and Ranging

CoorsTek has developed a new transparent polycrystalline YAG ceramic material for LiDAR applications. Polycrystalline YAG ceramics offer numerous benefits over commonly used monocrystal YAG mediums, including scalabilty, increased control of material properties, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  The result is a next-generation evolution, enabling automotive LiDAR systems to achieve reduced complexity and improved manufacturability.


Ceramic Automotive Sensor ComponentsTechnical Ceramic Components for Sensor Systems
CoorsTek leads the market in ceramic sensor components - delivering over 100,000,000 technical ceramic sensor components each year. From ultra-sensitive pressure and temperature sensors to oxygen and chemical sensors, CoorsTek provides high-performance ceramic components in virtually any service condition or application.


Carbon Brushes

Carbon Brushes for Electric Motors
CoorsTek is a leading manufacturer of carbon brushes used in electric motor assemblies. Wear-resistant carbon brushes offer excellent thermal stability and electrical conductivity, and provide superior environmental benefits as compared to lead brushes.


Manufacture of Complex Parts
CoorsTek offers a broad range of manufacturing and finishing options utilizing over 300 advanced ceramic material formulations. CoorsTek leverages numerous process capabilities along with our manufacturing expertise to produce extraordinarily complex parts for advanced technology applications. 

CoorsTek has manufacturing facilities across the world, in 13 countries across three continents. With immense manufacturing capacity, CoorsTek is capable of meeting the needs of high-volume production runs, regardless of design intricacy.

Our manufacturing facilities are certified to numerous international quality standards including ISO:2015 and TS:16949.



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