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CoorsTek: A Global Leader in Technical Ceramics

Featured industry: Automotive

Technical ceramics are helping reshape what's possible in the rapidly changing automotive industry. From autonomous technologies to electric and advanced fueling systems to car sharing and connected mobility, transportation systems of the future will require new and innovative technologies, materials, and designs. Learn more...

Amazing Solutions: Frac Buttons


An effective plug and perf process requires a multitude of moving parts to stimulate a well that produces at its highest capacity. The majority of today’s plugs are manufactured using a composite fiberglass material. Some are made of a magnesium alloy or an advanced thermoplastic material that dissolves after use, but these are not widely popular.

Patrick Stone of CoorsTek discusses the performance benefits provided by magnesia partially stabilized zirconia ceramic buttons in plug and perf operations. Learn more...

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Ceramic Membrane Filters Overview

Why Ceramics for Automotive Pressure Sensor Components?
Technical Ceramic Sensor ComponentsAutomotive pressure sensors operate in high temperature and corrosive environments where conventional designs may not survive. In such applications, pressure sensors constructed with technical ceramics outperform steel and silicon designs. 

Technical ceramics are inherently resistant to chemical corrosion and mechanical abrasion and they maintain superior thermal stability during extreme temperature exposure, and can be manufactured to meet even the most stringent design requirements. Learn more...

Why CoorsTeK?

Custom Components

Metallized and brazed ceramic components

Technical ceramics are some of the most durable materials on the planet, but their versatility is really what sets them apart from metals and plastics. Ceramic material properties can be manipulated to fit the requirements of specific applications. 

CoorsTek offers over 300 advanced ceramic formulations. With virtually limitless design and manufacturing options, as well as unparalleled materials and engineering expertise, CoorsTek can help solve complex technical challenges.  Learn more...

Latest News:

Dr. John Coors Retires From CoorsTek

January 08 2020

CoorsTek, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of engineered ceramics, honorably recognizes Dr. John Coors for serving as President of CoorsTek, Inc. from 1998-2016, while also working as Director and Chairman of the Board since January 2000. Read More

CoorsTek Invests in the Next Generation of Materials Scientists

December 12 2019

CoorsTek, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of engineered ceramics, proudly hosted all ten of its CoorsTek Research Fellows from Colorado School of Mines at a recent research symposium. Read More


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