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Expansion in Asia


Tokyo, Japan

The headquarters and sales office for the CoorsTek KK, Japan business is located in Tokyo. 

Oguni, Japan

The Oguni, Japan facility started operations in 1938 and today manufacturers ceramic products used in semiconductor manufacturing. The facility obtains its power supply from a hydraulic power station.

Hadano, Japan

The facility in Hadano, Japan was established in 1961. In addition to being one of the Research & Development centers they also work on the development of production equipment and processes and precision machining technology.

Kariya, Japan

The facility in Kariya, Japan first started production in 1918, to produced refractories for steel and glass industries. Today they manufacture ceramics for the energy and environmental industries. 

Tokuyama, Japan

The facility in Tokuyama, Japan was established in 1982. They manufacture synthetic quartz glass materials used for photomask substrates. 

Nagasaki, Japan

The facility in Nagasaki, Japan started in 1953 and produces large scale photomask substrates

Seongnam, South Korea

In 2015, CoorsTek opened a facility in Seongnam, South Korea to supply motor actuator assemblies to IBM. CoorsTek started working with IBM as the supplier for the actuators in 2004. 


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