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Vision, Mission, Values

CoorsTek Vision, Mission, and Values

Global Standards for Business Conduct  ·  Supplier Code of Conduct  ·  Data Privacy  ·  Modern Slavery Statement

At CoorsTek, we have a set of principles that guide how we treat our customers, our employees, and the world around us. From the products we make to the people we employ, our Vision, Mission, and Values are fundamental to the way we do business.


We make the world measurably better. 


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CoorsTek is the partner of choice for technology and manufacturing companies worldwide, whose success requires the unique, high-performance properties of products manufactured from engineered ceramics & advanced materials.

We deliver outstanding value through:

  • Operational excellence
  • Broad research, development, and manufacturing capabilities
  • Unsurpassed expertise in materials
  • Highly collaborative, responsive, and
    reliable relationships


In everything, we do to others what we would have them do to us.

We do what we say, and say what we mean.

Customer Focus
We create outstanding value for our customers.

We work together to make our company the best.



CoorsTek blue infinity symbol used on the cover of the Global Standards for Business Conduct document.

Global Standards for Business Conduct

Our Global Standards for Business Conduct reflect our commitment to conducting business the right way – respectfully, with integrity, and in full compliance with the law. By staying true to who we are and how we have done business from generation to generation, and by following our Global Standards, we will continue the path toward achieving our success the right way for many more years to come. Read more.

Supplier Code of Conduct

CoorsTek is committed to socially responsible and ethical business practices and strives to align this commitment with our purchasing policies and our supply chain management. The CoorsTek Supplier Code of Conduct defines the minimum standards that must be met by our suppliers, vendors, subcontractors, contract manufacturers, and third-party intermediaries. Read more.

We Value Your Privacy

As a global entity, CoorsTek supports and complies with international data protection regulations and policies in order to protect the data of our customers, employees, and vendors. CoorsTek will take all the necessary and appropriate measures to protect your contact details and the business information stored throughout our partnership.

Read more.

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Headline Graphic: CoorsTek Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Position

By publishing a public statement under the U.K. Modern Slavery Act, we at CoorsTek are committed to opposing any form of slavery and servitude, forced or compulsory labor, and human trafficking in our operations.

Download: CoorsTek Modern Slavery Act – Transparency Statement


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