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Essential Business and Social Distancing

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Updated: March 24, 2020

Essential Business & Social Distancing

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CoorsTek continues to operate under our previously issued guidance on the New Ways of Working.

Several state and local authorities have issued “shelter-in-place” or “stay-at-home” orders (“Orders”) intended to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. CoorsTek supports the intent of these orders. This direction is provided to assist our employees in understanding CoorsTek’s approach to compliance with the common requirements of these Orders, specifically; (i) exemptions from the application of these Orders, (ii) work from home and (iii) social distancing.

Generally, the Orders exempt from their application are businesses that are deemed “essential” for a variety of reasons. The US Department of Homeland Security has issued guidance identifying the types of infrastructure and workers that are essential to the United States. Based on this guidance, CoorsTek deems its operations essential to the continued viability of the critical infrastructure of the United States. This means CoorsTek may continue its operations under the Orders and employees should continue to perform their jobs.

CoorsTek has prepared a letter of access for you to carry with you if your state or local authority has issued (or does) issue an Order.

Work from Home
If you work at a CoorsTek location (i.e., plant, office) that is subject to one or more Orders you may work from home if you (i) are able to effectively perform you normal job duties from home including having access to needed equipment, (ii) receive approval from your leadership and (iii) notify your HRBP.

  • For employees working in a plant, “approval from leadership” means your Regional Operations Leader and your HRBP must approve. For employees working in an office role outside of a plant, “approval from leadership” means your manager must


If you work at a CoorsTek location that is NOT subject to one or more Orders you should continue to report to work unless you are subject to one or more of the Covered Situations as outlined in the US Pay Guidance.

Social Distancing
For the time being, all CoorsTek employees (whether subject to an Order or not) are expected to reasonably comply with social distancing recommendations by staying 6 feet (2 meters) apart from other people. Please remember that we all need to practice good hygiene (washing hands often), we should not come to work when sick and while in a CoorsTek plant or office we must comply with social distancing recommendations.

Plant Production Employees
Each plant manager has been instructed to confirm that reasonable social distancing is available for plant production employees. Plant production employees should discuss with their supervisor the ways social distancing practices will be applied in their work areas.

Office Employees
Office employees are instructed to work with their manager to explore arrangements that support reasonable social distancing such as staggered work shifts or increasing space between occupied workstations or areas. Leaders must coordinate appropriate spacing of workstations and staggered shift recommendations with their HRBP to ensure consistency and fairness in approach.

Irma Lockridge
Chief People & Systems Officer


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