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New Ways of Working for CoorsTek

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Updated: March 16, 2020

New Ways to Work

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1. Please review the updated Travel Policy.

2. Meetings between CoorsTek and visitors:

  • Avoid in-person meeting with non-mission critical customers, suppliers, and outside guests, by using Skype, MS Teams or teleconference

    • All visitors must complete the Visitor Questionnaire and be subject to the screening protocol
    • Visitor: any non-CoorsTek employee
    • Includes contractors with badge access
    • Follow social distancing for meetings and limitation of attendees per conference room

3. CoorsTek internal employee meetings:

  • Consider Skype, Teams, teleconference or other alternatives
  • Recommend following social distancing protocol for meetings
  • Utilize tiered communications for vital information sharing
  • Meetings in open areas in plants (vs. conference rooms)

    • Consider how many people can fit in the area considering social distancing and hold multiple meetings with smaller groups

  • Conference rooms

    • Meeting Rule: Limit the number of users in a meeting space or conference room to ensure social distancing
    • Dictate (with signage) number of employees allowed based on space available

4. Avoid non-essential or non-urgent events, parties, dinner, etc., unless you can maintain social distancing.

5. Practice social distancing in all smoking areas.

6. Practice social distancing - plant and local functional leadership will communicate specific guidelines for your area including accommodations for specific cases.

7. Personal protective equipment (PPE) and preventive supplies such as masks, gloves, cleaners, hand sanitizer, thermometers, toilet paper are provided to enable you to perform your job safely. Please do not take these for your personal use at home.

  • Use of masks should follow EHS Guidelines for Disposable Respirators


8. All employees must check their temperature before coming to work if you feel sick. Employees may be subject to onsite Employees with a temperature more than 100.4°F/37.5°C should stay home. Refer to screening protocol for additional information.

9. Take necessary infection prevention measures including frequent hand washing, no coughing into hand and follow health authorities’ guidance. 

10. Notify the company immediately if employees or persons closely contacted with employees are infected with COVID-19 and refer to the screening protocol for additional information.

11. Questions relating to CoorsTek response to COVID-19 exposures are addressed in the Employee Screening and Response Protocol.

12. If there are multiple employees diagnosed with COVID-19 simultaneously, the building could be closed for a period of two to three days, be subject to government reporting and will be disinfected.

  • Please refer to local government requirements in case they are more stringent than this guidance
  • If there is a shut down, employees will be alerted
  • Only the ELT or governmental authority can make the decision to close a plant

11. Special work accommodations:

  • Accommodations regarding special work circumstances will be reviewed by your manager or your HRBP

This is not about making your job more difficult but allowing you to be safe at work. Please share your feedback with us at


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