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Defense Manufacturing Conference 2018

The show may be over, but...

Even though DMC 2018 has come and gone, we would still like to speak with you about your application. Please make an appointment with us through the red button below. 


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Proudly serving our military and the many women and men who serve our country since 1966, CoorsTek offers a wide-range of ceramic components that goes in communication systems, navigation, ground vehicles, aerospace and body armor. 

We look forward to speaking with you about how are materials can provide lightweight protection and superior performance. 

If you would like to schedule time with one of our representatives, please submit your request here.

Overview image for CoorsTek Aerospace & Defense applications for DMC 2018.

What we had On Display at DMC 2018


Silicon Carbide Cone

Turbo Charger Rotor

Interested to Learn More ?

Here you can find our complete portfolio of components and materials serving the Aerospace & Defense industry. If you have questions about your specific application, please contact us below.


Front view of an F35 fighter jet.CoorsTek supplies a variety of critical components for the aerospace and aviation industries. Our technical ceramics are used by the world's foremost aircraft manufacturers for critical-duty applications ranging from electronics to propulsion to antennas.  More...


Armor torso plates made with technical ceramics.CoorsTek manufactures lightweight, superior ballistic performance components for armor integration using technical ceramics. Each product is made of next-generation materials, shapes, and sizes for use in body, ground vehicle, aircraft, and marine applications to protect our soldiers. More...



Optical mirrors made with technical ceramic materials.CoorsTek silicon carbides (SiC) are engineered for optics and imaging applications demanding high stiffness, low mass, and thermal stability. Our materials are ideally suited for mirrors, focal plane array components, and structural supports. More...


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