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Aerospace and Defense

CoorsTek provides specialized mission-critical components for a wide variety of aerospace and defense applications by supplying advanced technical ceramics engineered for critical-duty applications. Each of our aerospace, defense, optics, imaging, propulsion, and propulsion control components are designed and manufactured to be reliable, exceptionally strong, and lightweight, protecting and enabling the men and women serving our country. Additionally, CoorsTek has engineering, research and manufacturing capabilities to provide aerospace and defense solutions for custom components and fully specialized assemblies.

Auto and Transportation

Experienced in aerospace, automotive, marine, and rail industries, the CoorsTek team works with you to develop durable, high-performance engineered ceramic components for your company’s needs. From reliable seals and bushings to engine, electrical, and fluid systems components, CoorsTek has helped make a positive impact on the aerospace, automotive, marine, and rail industries with customized ceramic solutions.


Involved in chemical handling for over 100 years, CoorsTek chemically inert ceramics exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and durability. CoorsTek provides high-quality components and media to meet the rigors of chemical processing. Focused on the success of our customers, CoorsTek manufactures components from corrosion-resistant materials for a variety of advanced chemical processing needs. CoorsTek’s chemical processing capabilities include: ceramic catalyst support media, ceramics for chemical converters, supports for precious metal gauzes, and ferrules for heat exchanger tubes, pulsation equipment, and other custom components manufactured to customer specifications.

In addition to this, CoorsTek labware pioneered the use of technical ceramics and continues to be the standard in quality lab work. Learn more about CoorsTek’s Chemical Processing and Chemical & Scientific Labware offerings.

Consumer & Household

Designed for daily use, CoorsTek components for Consumer and Household Durables are designed to provide a long life of consistent performance. Each consumer and household ceramic component is developed with the focus on longevity, quality, efficiency, and maximum performance. See how your company can benefit from using CoorsTek ceramics and CoorsTek Consumer and Household products.


Engineered ceramics have long been used in electronics. CoorsTek provides reliable components for Communications & Computer equipment with custom engineered solutions for a variety of computer, telecom, cellular and microwave devices. As a leader in precision ceramic sensor components, CoorsTek works closely with OEMs and their suppliers to create the best design, processes, and services needed for client success. CoorsTek also supports efficiency in microelectronics and enables new technological growth in lighting & display. Discover more about CoorsTek Electronics offerings.


CoorsTek supports the energy industry with specialized components manufactured to provide service in severe duty applications such as mining, oil & gas, and renewable energy. In the power & utilities arena, CoorsTek offers custom manufactured solutions designed specifically for energy transformation, transport, and storage. Focused on the success of the energy industry, our team works with our customers to ensure we are creating pieces that are durable, efficient, and reliable. Learn more about our capabilities in the Energy industry.

Equipment & Machinery

From Precision Measurements to Industrial scale production, CoorsTek provides long-wearing and high precision components for machinery and equipment. Our range of expertise in the equipment and machinery industry lies within the building & manufacturing, pulp & paper, emissions control and wire and cable arenas. CoorsTek also provides severe-service fluid handling components and high-strength ceramic balls and ball blanks. Learn more about CoorsTek experience in equipment & machinery and how it can benefit your company.

Food & Agriculture

CoorsTek manufactures a variety of high-performance components and products for the agricultural and food industries, including can tooling components, hex tile mats for grain handling applications, and NSF-certified components for food processing & beverage handling equipment. We design unique, custom ceramic components specifically for the agricultural and food processing & beverage handling industries for superior performance, excellent corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Find out how CoorsTek can help your company.


Combining materials knowledge and engineering expertise, CoorsTek is helping aid the evolution of the medical industry. CoorsTek consistently collaborates with customers to execute contract design & manufacturing projects, provide precisely manufactured medical device components, improve efficiencies in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and pioneer new technologies in implantable components. Discover more about our experience in the medical industry and how you can benefit from our superior knowledge of advanced materials and technical ceramic manufacturing processes.


Engineered technical ceramics are used in the semiconductor industry because of their excellent material properties. Ultra-pure ceramics are often used in the whole cycle of semiconductor manufacturing, including semiconductor wafer & wafer processing, semiconductor fabrication (front end), and semiconductor packaging (back end). Learn how semiconductor companies are taking advantage of the unique properties of technical ceramics and the benefits ceramics provide to manufacturers.


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