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Components for Aerospace Electronics

Ceramic electronic substrates and components provide high-reliability performance for aerospace and aviation applications across a range of temperature, fluids, and environmental conditions. Engineered technical ceramics excel in high-temperature, vibration, and extreme mechanical conditions where lesser materials fail. Improve the reliability of your electronics by using ceramic substrates and components.


Aerospace-Grade Electronic Substrates

Substrates for aerospace electronics using CoorsTek aluminum nitride material.Alumina thick- and thin-film substrates are used to produce durable hybrid circuits for airborne and spaceborne electronic systems. In hot zones with rapid thermal gradients, aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates deliver superior performance — dissipating heat with thermal conductivity 4-6 times that of alumina.


Aerospace Lighting Components

Parabolic reflector light housing in a metalized assembly.CoorsTek provides robust ceramic components for high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, LEDs (light-emitting diodes), and laser lighting systems — delivering high brightness and precise color across virtually any environment. 


Airborne Sensor Components

Electronic sensors using CoorsTek Alumina material.Aircraft and spacecraft use sensors across all kinds of systems — to detect pressures, temperatures, proximity, oxygen and gases, and more. CoorsTek ceramic sensor components use exclusive advanced technical ceramics to provide precise, robust sensors that withstand the extremes of aerospace applications. Learn more



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