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Roller Bearings

Roller Bearing Balls for Aerospace Applications

Cerbec® silicon nitride balls outperform traditional all steel bearing balls due to the tailored material properties and finishing that maximize the benefits of using ceramics — making Cerbec balls valuable in applications where steel balls degrade rapidly or where electrical insulation is a necessity.

CoorsTek can engineer precision Cerbec® Balls for size ranges from micro-bearings in dental drills to large-application bearings in wind turbines, with a diameter range from 0.5 mm (0.02in) to 50 mm (2in).

Ideal for:

  • Flight control components
  • Gas turbine engines
  • Main landing gear wheels
  • Precision motion control components
  • Wing flaps and slats ballscrew actuator 


Cerbec® Balls are manufactured out of CoorsTek silicon nitride. This tough ceramic has unique material properties that outperform traditional steel alloys.

  • 121% Harder
  • 68% Stiffer
  • 76% Lower thermal expansion
  • Electrically and corrosion resistant


CoorsTek produces ceramic balls with exceptionally tight tolerances and smooth surfaces. The excellent surface finish allows Cerbec® Balls to improve overall performance.  

  • Decreased friction
  • Lower lubrication required
  • Reduced wear
  • Vibration elimination


The combination of superior material and finish deliver better overall service life than traditional steel balls. Additionally, Cerbec® Balls are used in harsh duty applications, including corrosive environments and high operating temperatures that would rapidly degrade steel balls.

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Limited maintenance
  • Higher reliability
  • Longer part life


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