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Mini and Micro Grinding Media

Ceramic Mini and Micro Grinding Media for Paint and Pigments

Small diameter ceramic media used to disperse paint and paint pigments, and chemical coatings. Primary users include paint manufacturers (industrial, automotive and marine paints), medical manufacturers, and producers of wear resistant epoxies. Applications include:

  • Paint mixing and manufacturing
  • Pigment manufacturing
  • Wear-resistant epoxy resins


Example Grinding Applications

  • Minerals, paper fIllers, and coatings in high energy sand mills
  • Paste viscosities over 90 KU at mill discharge temperature
  • Premixes with high pigment loadings and vehicle solids
  • Abrasion-resistant fillers in epoxy or urethane systems
  • Not recommended for low-consistency sand mill dispersions
Ceramic Micro grinding media and mini grinding media

Physical Properties

Ceramic Mini Grinding Media Physical Properties

Available Sizes

Ordering informations for Ceramic Mini Media

Mill Cleaning Precautions

Use resin for initial cleaning & finish with solvent, keeping the cleaning cycle as short as possible. Longer than necessary solvent cycles will result in excessive wear to both media and mill parts. Consult your mill manufacturer for proper cleanup procedures using ceramic medias.


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