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Leisure & Luxury Products

Dedication to Precision Design

CoorsTek luxury and leisure components combine our rich heritage with over a century of advanced ceramics expertise.

Blue porcelain honeypot tree graphic.Since our humble origin in fine art pottery, CoorsTek has been dedicated to perfecting our designs in functional and aesthetic beauty. This spirit continues, combined with the pursuit of perfection that comes from excelling in the world's most demanding industries, where a single flaw could be catastrophic.

Through perfection in design and creation, CoorsTek ceramic components for luxury and leisure products bring the simple beauty and innovative spirit of ceramics directly to you.


Our Rich history

Gem of the Rockies Pottery

Our first line of art pottery, Gem of the Rockies, grew out of a passion for beautifully balanced design and color. This drive for perfection began with fine pottery, and today embraces a century of technical expertise to help create innovative luxury designs that touch virtually every aspect of life. 


Golf Cleats & Putters

Putter heads made with technical ceramics.

One our former legacy product lines showcasing our commitment to design and precision.

Our ceramic putters used remarkable stiffness and precise edging to create a feel like no other. Each putter was designed to create the optimal surface for accuracy while letting you feel the game more intimately. 

Our designers optimized ceramic golf cleats to maximize torque around the swing while letting the follow through glide nearly friction free.


From luxury cosmetics to perfected bearing balls, our designers collaborate with you to bring simple elegance and functional beauty to your modern luxury & leisure product. Let these examples inspire you.


Luxury Jewelry

Each piece of luxury jewelry is designed to accentuate the simple beauty of ceramics. Broad, smooth surfaces showcase our dedication to perfection. By exposing the entire surface, elegant ceramic jewelry cannot hide the pure coloration and precise craftsmanship of every piece. These flawless surfaces are preserved for a lifetime by the signature hardness of each ceramic.


group of ceramic bezel jewelry and rings.

Cerbec® Bearing Balls

Cerbec® balls create a smooth ride — gliding on the perfect surfaces of each bearing ball. Developed for use in industries where durability and efficiency are key for success, Cerbec® balls have proven to be lighter, stronger, and smoother than traditional steel bearings. Cerbec® bearing balls bring cutting edge technology to the simple ball bearing — putting this crucial, but often overlooked, component back into its place as the focus of a better ride.


generic image of a bicyclist riding on a mountain road.

Luxury Cosmetic Application and Packaging Components

CoorsTek applies cutting edge ceramic technology for perfecting cosmetic application. The combination of balanced weight, cool touch, and flawless surface finish results in a perfectly even and smooth application. Through a unique formulation, each ceramic applicator protects the fragile cosmetic composition.


Generic image of a cosmetic case with blush inside.

Outlast® Thermal Regulation

Our Outlast® textile line was developed to keep astronauts cool and comfortable throughout their missions. Using this space technology, Outlast® adjusts to your temperature, keeping you comfortable and refreshed. Our dedicated designers ensure that every article of clothing fits just right and every linen is soft and inviting. 

This same technology can be used in battery packs, electronics, and more — keeping your products working longer and better. 


Bed with astronaut at the side and woman laying under a sheet. The CoorsTek textile line can keep you cool and comfortable all night long.


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