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Computer Peripherals

Reliable Ceramic Components for Computer Peripherals & Data Storage

CoorsTek provides custom engineered components and precision assemblies for a wide variety of computer peripheral and data storage electronics. Advanced technical ceramics provide high resistance, thermal stability, and robust lifetime performance —here are some examples.  

Metallized substrates for electronic applications.

Electronic Circuit Substrates

Ceramic substrates for computer peripheral hybrid circuits deliver high-reliability performance for applications across all kinds of environments for:

Ink manifold made with CoorsTek technical ceramics.

Ink Manifolds

Custom OEM ceramic ink manifolds increase useful life and reduce maintenance. 

Small bushings for electronic applications made with CoorsTek technical ceramics.

Ceramic Bushings

Alumina ceramic bushings are used as thermal cutoffs for computer cables.

Read-write tooling made from CoorsTek technical ceramics for electronic applications.

Read-Write Head Manufacturing Tooling

CoorsTek provides custom manufacturing tooling from durable ceramics for read-write heads and other components that need precision geometries, tight tolerances, and minimal batch-to-batch and part-to-part consistency. 

Coil insulator housing for electronic applications and made from CoorsTek technical ceramic material.

Coil insulator housings 

Highly constant ceramic RF (radio frequency) coil insulator housings are used for PC and other electronics boards.

CoorsTek engineers custom ceramic components and delivers precision assemblies optimized for your application. Find out more about our design-for-manufacturing expertise and scalable volume production. 



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