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Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Substrates

Electronic circuit board for microelectronic applications made with CoorsTek advanced materials.

High Thermal Conductivity Substrates for LED & Power Electronics

Power electronics and high-brightness LEDs generate significant heat — which degrades their performance. Ceramic substrates help your electronics run cooler, improving performance and extending useful life. As the leader in ceramic electronic substrates, CoorsTek works with you to design substrates optimized specifically for your electronics applications. 


Why Aluminum Nitride Substrates?

Aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates combine high thermal conductivity and resistivity. With a thermal conductivity 4-6 times higher than other ceramic substrates, aluminum nitride substrates draw heat away from your power electronics to help them run better and longer.

Family of substrates for microelectronic applications made with CoorsTek aluminum nitride material.


Substrates for Power Electronics

Power electronics incorporate solid state transistors to switch and amplify electrical signals, and are frequently used for DC-AC electrical current inversion. Inverters are widely used in both consumer products and industrial applications - including motor drives, electric/hybrid vehicles, and photovoltaic power systems. The transistors generate lots of heat, which degrades their performance. Aluminum nitride substrates draw heat away from the transistors while providing an electrical insulator to mount the devices on.


LED circuit board made with CoorsTek technical ceramics for microelectronic applications.

Substrates for High Brightness LEDs

CoorsTek has been supporting LED manufacturers with alumina ceramic substrates for more than a decade. As LED sources increase in lumen output, they also generate more heat - detrimental to both the color output and useful life of the gallium nitride (GaN) diodes. Using aluminum nitride (AlN) in conjunction with traditional heat sinks conducts heat away from high-power diodes stable color output and longer life.


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