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Hex Tile Mats

Hex Tile Mats: The Solution for Lining High-Wear, Curved Surfaces

CeraSurf Hex Tile Mat

CoorsTek CeraSurf™ hex tile mats are a practical solution for lining high-wear areas containing curved surfaces (concave and convex), conforming well due to the small size and hexagonal shape. CoorsTek hex tile mats provide protection for applications where use of standard rectangular tiles is impractical. Hex tile mats also reduce the need for expensive diamond cutting of standard tiles.

CoorsTek hex tile mats are used in a variety of material handling applications, including spouts, spout transitions, cones, and piping component patching. The mats are a good choice for complex components requiring either an engineered lining or an experienced brick layer.

Mats are available in 6" long x 6" wide sections mounted on flexible mesh backing to conform to complex surfaces. Available thicknesses include: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2".


13 SF
7 SF
5 SF
4 SF

CoorsTek engineers will recommend appropriate adhesive products depending upon the operating environment. 

  1. The surface area should be prepared for the ceramic lining as specified for the adhesive being applied.
  2. CoorsTek recommends a 1/8" thickness of adhesive be applied to the metal substrate or backside of hex tile mats.
  3. Installation on fabric mesh backing side should be face-up.
  4. Firmly press the hex tile mat into the adhesive, allowing for adhesive to fill the hex mat joints.
  5. Excess adhesive can be removed from surface with a trowel.

The mesh backing will quickly wear away once operation of the material handling equipment begins.


Benefits of CeraSurf Hex Tile Mats

  • Expensive diamond cutting significantly reduced
  • Eliminates expensive material waste
  • Hex tile mats conform to concave and convex surfaces due to the smaller size and hexagonal shape, providing a tight tile-to-tile fit.
  • Hex tile mats are easy to install and are used in a variety of material handling applications providing convenient installation and repair.

Brown Hex Tile Mats for Grain Handling Applications
Coorstek brown hex tile mats assist rice producers in detecting ceramic chips during optical separation. The brown color stands out and is easily removed before making its way into the food supply. There is no decrease in wear resistance when compared to normal white hex tile materials. CoorsTek hex tile materials have no contaminants, nor do they oxidize. Grain handling material applications include:

• Separation and sorting equipment • Cyclone components
• Feeders • Silos
• Chutes • Dust collection components
• Bins • Conveying equipment
• Hoppers • Milling equipment
• Gates  
CeraSurf Hexagonal Wear Tile Mat - Brown

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