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Upstream Oil & Gas

Upstream Components

CoorsTek offers a wide variety of extremely reliable, heat-stable, and corrosion-resistant components for use in downhole equipment using a range of heavy-duty materials including zirconia, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, specialty metals, high-performance plastics, and custom material blends. 


Polished alumina components for geophysical surveys.

CoorsTek supplies components for Geophysical Surveys. CoorsTek electronic components undergo rigorous quality control works to maximize accuracy and precision. These components help improve the tools used for exploration, thereby streamlining the process to obtaining a viable site.


Alumina severe-duty sleeve for upstream oil and gas evaluation.

Involved with the entire evaluation process, CoorsTek provides a wide range of components for steps including:

  • MWD 
  • LWD 
  • Wireline evaluation 
  • Formation testing
  • Completion 
  • Zone isolation components
  • Hydraulic fracturing

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Zirconia ball valve seat assembly.

Intervention, is a necessary process to maintain optimal performance. CoorsTek provides components that allow for efficient intervention. By designing for the harsh environment a well, CoorsTek helps minimize the downtime and needs for equipment replacement.



CoorsTek ceramics have excellent wear properties. This allows them to be used in nearly every step of the drilling process, including:

  • Mud pumping
  • PDC Drill bit displacers
  • Directional drilling
  • Fluid classification
  • Hydrocyclones

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CoorsTek manufactures production components for primary, secondary, and tertiary processes, including:

  • Artificial lift
  • Waterflood operations
  • Solids separating
  • Water and oil separating
  • Disposal
  • Pulsation equipment


Additionally, CoorsTek engineering allows for efficient natural gas production, including:

  • Composite frac plugs
  • Pump components
  • Zone isolation components
  • Hydrocyclones for solids control
  • Water & gas separation 

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Family of pulsation equipment products.

Pulsation Equipment

CoorsTek offers one of the world's largest selection of pulsation equipment. Some products include:

  • Pulsation & surge protection equipment
  • Flowguard™ pulsation & surge protection equipment
  • Replacement Bladders/Diaphragms

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Family of technical ceramic pump components and replacement parts.

Pump Components

  • Ceramic plungers
  • Coated metal plungers
  • Pump packing
  • Disc valves
  • Ceramic wear sleeves
  • Abrasion resistant valves
  • Spherical valves 

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Tungsten carbide ball valve.

Valve & Valve Components

  • Stem-guided
  • Check valve
  • Plug valve
  • Gate valve

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