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Oil & Gas Production

Engineered Ceramic Components for Oil and Gas Production

Creating Artificial Lift

CoorsTek engineers products for a wide range of production wear resistant components, including:

  • Rod pumps
  • Jet pumps
  • Progressive cavity pumps
  • Electrical submersible pumps (ESP)


Bear the Wear Oilfield Technolgy Headline Image
See how technical ceramic-based electrical submersible pump bearing systems help oil producers optimise efficiency and run life. Read more.

Pump products

CoorsTek components are designed to maximize uptime leading to improved productivity and profitability, these include:

  • Reciprocal pump plungers
  • Pump packing
  • Pump valves
  • Bushings & Bearings
  • Subsea connectors
  • Metallized electrical feedthrough

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Because production requires a wide range of fluid and solids operations, any equipment failure could result in downtime. To minimize this, CoorsTek products are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of oil production. These components are used in applications including:

  • Waterflood operations
  • Solids separation
  • Oil and water separation
Bearings & Bushings

Enabling Unique Solutions

From drilling to production, CoorsTek natural gas products are engineered to maximize production rates. Used in a wide range of pumps and pulsation control systems, choker tubes, dehydration units, and pressurization systems, natural gas components must endure extremely corrosive and abrasive environments. CoorsTek components enable efficient natural gas extraction, regardless if the well is free flowing or if it requires enhanced recovery.

Lined Alumina Plungers
Pump components using technical ceramics for severe duty applications.


CoorsTek manufactures components for a wide range of pumps including centrifugal and reciprocating. Each product is designed to provide reliable and steady fluid control.

  • Fluid ends
  • Cylinder liners
  • Valves
  • Pulsation equipment
  • Crankshafts
  • Hard face seal components
  • Plungers
Hydrocyclone made with technical ceramics for solids control.


Hydrocyclones spin waste fluids at high speeds to separate solids from the fluids. These are used in:

  • Sand production control
  • De-silting operations
  • De-sanding operations


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