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Electrostatic Precipitators & Insulators

Durable and Reliable Electrostatic Precipitator Components

Electrostatic precipitator iso-static cylinder made with aluminaCoorsTek originally developed high-purity alumina electrostatic precipitator insulator (ESP) products in the 1960s to replace products manufactured with electrical-grade porcelain. In the early 1970s, CoorsTek commercialized high-grade alumina ceramic insulator products as the industry standard for high performance and reliable operation of electrostatic precipitator units.

Engineered to perform in extreme, hostile electrostatic precipitator environments, CoorsTek DuraPure™ high-purity alumina ceramic works exceptionally well for discharge electrode system support insulators, rapping system insulators, feed-through bushing insulators, and anti-sway bars and insulators.

DuraPure™ high-purity alumina ceramic offers higher quality material properties than electrical-grade porcelain in ESP applications, including:


Electrostatic insulator antisway bar glazed with alumina

Alumina Reliability

  • Better wear resistance
  • Higher volume resistivity
  • Greater mechanical strength
  • More chemically inert


Increased Value

By using the advanced material properties of alumina, each electrostatic precipitator component will be able to:

  • Last longer
  • Lower maintenance 
  • Increase reliability
  • Reduce costs


electrostatic insulator  (ESP) applications

Providing maximum strength and volume resistivity, even at high temperatures for prolonged periods, DuraPure high-purity alumina ceramic is the insulator material of choice a wide range of environmentally regulated industries:

Electrostatic precipitator insulator 3-shed alumina

  • Power Generation- Coal-fired and oil-fired plants 
  • Rock Products Processing Plants-Portland cement, lime, etc. 
  • Pulp, Paper, and Wood Products Mills- salt, cake and wood waste boilers 
  • Chemical Processing Plants- Sulfuric acid de-misting, etc. 
  • Steel Mills-Iron ore sinter plants, coal coking plants, open hearth, and basic oxygen furnaces 
  • Nonferrous Metals Processing Plants- Copper smelting 
  • Oil Refineries- Catalytic cracker units 
  • Municipal and industrial Waste 
  • Incineration Plants

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