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Pulp & Paper

Warehouse full of paper made with ceramic foils and other ceramic components

Advanced Components and Assemblies for Pulp & Paper Manufacturing

CoorsTek helps paper manufacturers improve performance with reliable, long-wearing engineered ceramic components including cleaner cones, forming boards, vacuum blades, box covers, tips, stock savers, and more. CoorsTek technical ceramics consistently withstand the most demanding processing conditions. These advanced ceramics won’t sag, crack, or deteriorate when attacked by the aggressive chemicals, abrasives or debris often present in recycled material. Traditional materials often wear, distort, soften, and sag under these conditions.

Let our experts assist you with new and replacement ceramic components for your equipment and enjoy less downtime, longer component life, and precision paper properties. 

Ceramic cleaner cones for pulp and paper manufacturing

Ceramic Cleaner cones and Systems

Leading the industry in advanced ceramic cleaner parts, CoorsTek ceramic components and assemblies provide longer life and extend maintenance cycles for your cleaner systems — reducing overall cost. Don’t waste money buying plastic or steel parts. We have engineered ceramic parts to fit: Ahlstrom, Andritz Sprout Bauer, Black Clawson, Celleco, and Bird – just to name a few.

Paper and Pulp Forming Board System Unit with CoorsTek Ceramics

Forming Board Ceramics

CoorsTek drainage elements offer a precise and stable landing zone for the best sheet possible. CoorsTek ceramic forming board lead and trail blades are engineered for extreme stability and  manufactured to precise tolerances so they can run for years in the most demanding applications.

Low vacuum and gravity suction boxes for pul and paper production

Gravity and Low-Vacuum Ceramic Blades

CoorsTek ceramic blades offer a superior finish, extremely durable materials, and a multitude of design options to ensure optimal performance for your gravity and low-vacuum boxes. We make the blades you can rely on to help you make great paper year after year.

VeraFoil Unit for Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

VersaFoil & VersaPulse Precision Tables

CoorsTek invented the patented Versafoil to help paper makers all over the world fine tune their tables and recipes. Our robust design offers precise foil angle adjustment and rock-steady reliability. Versafoils quickly adjust, and they stay where they are set. Eliminate the need to continuously change and handle foil blades – instead simply adjust the angles by turning the adjustment on the end of the blade.

Pulp and Paper Production with HIVAC unit high Vacuum with CoorsTek Ceramics

Suction Box Covers

Advanced high-vacuum, low-vacuum, and multi-compartment covers ensure superior performance. Take a closer look at the specifications of our covers, and you will agree we make some of the best suction box covers available. CoorsTek suction box covers are manufactured using the best materials with a proven design that will remain trouble free for many years. When it is time for a new fabric contact surface, most CoorsTek covers are designed to allow components to be serviced or replaced without removal from your machine.

Press section foils made with silicon nitride

Press Section Ceramic Components

No matter the size or speed, CoorsTek provides the components to keep your press section running smoothly.

Ceramic and fibre foils for paper manufacturing

Twin-Wire Ceramic Components

If you operate a twin-wire paper machine, you know there just isn’t any margin for error. CoorsTek makes some of the finest blades and covers in the world. Our commitment to quality and innovation is why CoorsTek is the clear choice for today’s demanding twin-wire applications.

Family of blade cutting tools made with CoorsTek technical ceramics for pulp and paper manufacturing applications.

Ceramic Blades, Tools, and Components

CoorsTek uses advanced zirconias, aluminas, silicon carbides, boron carbides, and hybrid ceramic materials to manufacture ceramic blades and cutting tools for pulp & paper operations which last up to 100 times longer than traditional steel and 20% longer than tungsten carbide. Learn More.

Cerbec Silicon Nitride Balls for superior bearings

Ceramic Balls and Bearings

Genuine Cerbec® silicon nitride balls are used in pulp & paper processing equipment to improve bearing performance. Cerbec® balls are lighter, stiffer, smoother, harder, corrosion resistant, require less lubrication, and have a lower thermal expansion than their steel counterparts which allow the bearing to run at higher speeds and higher operational temperatures with lower torque. Cerbec® balls are better in oscillation, extreme temperature applications, and are extremely durable. Learn More.


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