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Implantable Components

High-Purity & High-Performance Implantable Components

CoorsTek Medical offers high-purity CeraSurf®-p medical ceramic components and multi-material assemblies combining high-performance ceramics, metals, and polymers to ensure compatibility and longevity for your implantable application. Learn more by visiting the CoorsTek Medical website.

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Ceramic Hip Implant Components 

CoorsTek Bioceramics CeraSurf®-p ceramic hip implant femoral heads (hip balls) and acetabular liners (cups) demonstrate extreme durability and longevity.

Joint Reconstruction Implant components

Titanium implant components are available in various sizes and configurations.

Orthopedic Implant Components

CoorsTek Medical offers anodized titanium plates and other orthopedic implant components.

NeoBone™ Ceramic Bone Substitute

NeoBone™ hydroxyapatite synthetic bone substitute is a highly functional synthetic bone filler. Its porous, yet rigid structure facilitates the penetration of tissue and provides structure to aid in new tissue formation. Learn more


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