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Gaiser® Advanced Copper Capillaries

CZRy Capillaries for Longer Tool Life

Tip of a tool using CZRY Capillaries



CoorsTek Gaiser CZRy ceramic capillaries provide exceptionally long useful life and surface durability. Combined with our superior rough and tough GatorGrip™ tip finishes, these capillaries extend tool life far beyond current expectations. 

features and benefits of czry

Chemical Properties
The ruby-like properties of CZRy deliver longer tool life by improving grain boundary resistance to failures, through increased density and optimized chemical composition. A denser surface makes capillaries less prone to buildup and accumulation of foreign debris.

Mechanical Bonding Performance
CZRy grain size is designed to increase the mechanical coupling between the capillary and the copper wire. The granular finish provides superior anchoring of the wire to prevent micro-sliding — greatly improving stitch strength, short-tailing, and adhesion with better Cu remains after stitch pull.

Physical Properties
CZRy combines higher hardness and bending strength properties for increased wear resistance and strong mechanical resistance to bond process stresses.

Material Engineering Results
The unique material properties of CZRy combine:

  • Near-perfect material distribution to prevent premature fatigue failures during bonding
  • High mechanical resistance to bonding stresses, improving life span
  • Excellent acoustical performance to minimize ultrasonic power requirements
  • Suitability for a wide range of product applications

Ultrasonic Bonding Performance
The ceramic blend of CZRy produces an acoustically stable tool without the need for high ultrasonic power. Process optimization is made easy with this 'plug & play' advantage.

CZRY Capillaries Surface Texture
Bulk Density 4.40 g/cc
Avg. grain size, alumina 0.9µm
Ultrasonic Efficiency 82.2%

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