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RF4 capillary finish

RF4 Capillary Texture

Gaiser RF4 Capillary Texture

Revolutionary Finish for Copper Wire Bonding

The patented GatorGrip™ RF4 capillary texture is the most aggressive capillary finish available for copper wire bonding processes in today’s semiconductor packaging marketplace.

This game-changing finish is produced using a state-of-the-art process never before used in the manufacturing of wire bonding tools. Based on a combination of texture and geometry, this patent-pending process offers an evenly patterned roughness resulting in a more consistent and evenly spaced bond pattern. Testing has shown the RF4 is capable of achieving wire bonds up to twice the process window of existing finishes, with proven reliability and no additional wear to the tool — even under the most severe bonding conditions.

With a flexible design, the RF4 performs on any existing package surfaces and materials.

RF4 vs. Granular Finish

With a flexible design, the RF4 performs on any existing package surfaces and materials.


Tighter distribution improves bond repeatability.

RF4 Stitch Bond Remain

Full Cu stitch bond remain after wire pull

Additional advantages:

  • Fully engineered design maximizes control of force component vectors during bonding
  • Long-life performance with excellent reliability and repeatability
  • Optimized performance for LEDs and other advanced semiconductor products
  • Process transparency — requiring minimal updates to bond parameters
RF4 Bond

Evenly patterned texture creates exceptionally strong bonds.

CoorsTek Gaiser Bonding Tools are manufactured in the USA. Graphs are intended to illustrate typical properties. Property values vary with method of manufacture, size, and shape of part. Data contained herein is not to be construed as absolute and does not constitute representation or warranty for which CoorsTek assumes legal responsibility. Gaiser is a registered trademark of CoorsTek, Inc. GatorGrip is a trademark of CoorsTek, Inc.

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