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Die Collets & Vacuum Pickup Tools

Maximized Efficiency for Die Bonding

*Die collets and vacuum pick up tools have been discontinued. Final orders must be placed by September 13, 2019.

Coorstek Gaiser® offers a range of tools for securing semiconductor die to substrates with either epoxy or eutectic bonding methods. Each Gaiser tool is engineered to maximize production efficiency while protecting sensitive devices. This is accomplished through innovative tooling-tip designs and materials tailored to customer applications.

Family of die collets made with CoorsTek technical ceramics for die bonding in semiconductor packaging.

Vacuum pickup tools

Each Coorstek Gaiser®  vacuum pickup tools is designed to handle sensitive parts with vacuum pick-and-place applications. Coorstek Gaiser® ESD01 thermoplastic protects the die from both mechanical and electrical harm.

  • Electrically conductive for ESD safety
  • High melting temperature for consistently tight tolerances & rapid manufacturing
  • Tooling-tips design for reliable performance

die collets

Through application centered design, CoorsTek Gaiser® die collets allow for effective and delicate die handling. The precise tip designs allow the collets to avoid harming the face of sensitive chips by creating vacuum suction while contacting the die on the edges rather than directly on the face.

  • 6+ tooling-tip designs
  • Customizable options
  • Materials ranging from stainless steel to tungsten carbide


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