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Micro Dispense Nozzles

Improved Flow and Reduced Clogging with CoorsTek Gaiser®  Precision Micro Dispense Nozzles

Precision Dispense Nozzles

CoorsTek Gaiser® precision micro dispense nozzles are designed and manufactured with smooth, tapered cores to improve flow characteristics and reduce clogging. Holes as small as 20 µm (0.0008") and wall thicknesses as thin as 10um (0.0004") allow for reduced dot size, closer proximity placement, and precision volume control. Custom designs are available to accommodate a variety of lengths, tip diameters, and specialized designs for restricted and deep access applications.

CoorsTek Gaiser® precision micro dispense nozzles are available in the following high-strength, high-purity materials:

Tapered Core Dispense Nozzle

Tapered Core

Large Core Dispense Nozzle

Large Core

Dispense Nozzle Flange


Relief Design Dispense Nozzle

Relief Design

Straight Bore Design

Straight Bore Design

No Bore Design

No Bore Designs

Near Zero Face

Near Zero Face Designs

Small Hole x 120

Small Hole x 120

Small Hole Nozzle

Small Hole x 60

Dual Hole Nozzle

Dual Hole Nozzle x 60


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