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Propulsion & Controls

Mission-Critical Ceramic Components for Aerospace Propulsion & Controls

CoorsTek engineered ceramic components provide the mission-critical reliability needed for aerospace propulsion and control systems. 

Engine Components

CoorsTek technical ceramics deliver the high-performance properties needed for the most demanding requirements in aircraft engines and advanced propulsion systems including: 

Ceramic Casting Cores

Ceramic cores are used as sacrificial structures to form cavities for complex features in investment casting processes. For example, turbine blades for jet engines are frequently made with internal cooling passages — using ceramic cores in the shapes of the passages. CoorsTek ceramic cores are engineered for precision tolerance, high thermal stability, low thermal expansion, and soluble removal.

Flight Control Components

Cerbec balls and other advanced ceramic components excel in the challenging mechanical and thermal conditions in critical flight control systems, such as ball screw linear actuators for wing flaps and slats.

Ball Valve Seat Assembly

Fluid Control System Components

Aircraft valves, seals, and hydraulic components require the high-performance properties of engineered ceramics to meet the severe-service conditions of engines and control systems. 


Thermal Protection

High-efficiency engines operate at high temperatures, where advanced ceramic materials deliver reliable, long-term performance as mission-critical components, thermal insulating tiles, and thermal barrier coatings (TBC).


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