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Automotive Sensors

Ceramic Sensor Components for Automotive Sensing & Switching

Partner with CoorsTek for your automotive sensor applications. We deliver millions of advanced ceramic sensor components each month, helping OEMs and their suppliers implement the best design, material, and process for automotive-grade quality and high-performance sensor components.

Metallized Alumina Sensor Component

Oxygen Sensors

Using exclusive DuraSense™ hybrid ceramics, CoorsTek provides exceptionally durable oxygen sensors for demanding automotive applications — from bare ceramic parts to platinum metallized, leaded assemblies. DuraSense ceramic components are specifically designed for sensing environments requiring high-performance oxygen ionic conductivity and thermal shock resistance.   

Automotive Electronic Sensor Components

FLUID Pressure & Temperature Sensors

Precision ceramic pressure and temperature sensor components are used in fuel pump pressure, oil pressure, exhaust gas temperature sensors, and more. CoorsTek ceramic sensor components deliver the combination of electrical resistivity, rigidity, thermal stability, and fatigue resistance required for the thousands of reliable cycles required. 

Polished Electronic Substrates

Air Conditioning Sensors

Wherever automotive sensors are needed, CoorsTek ceramic sensor components deliver reliable results, extreme durability, and the ability to withstand tough environments for prolonged periods and cycles.


CoorsTek Emission Sensors

Emission Sensors

Our sensors have application in OBD and portable combustion monitoring, and they serve automotive, stack emissions, and air quality markets worldwide. Also in development is a suite of robust electrochemical zirconia-based sensors for NOx, HC, and O2. Learn More



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