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MD&M West 2019

Thank you for joining CoorsTek at MD&M West 2019

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We look forward to seeing you again next year at MD&M West, the largest trade show and conference for the medical device industry in North America.

If you were unable to visit our booth, we encourage you learn more about the benefits of technical ceramics for medical devices and implantable components.

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Here's What You Missed at MD&M West in 2019

Ceramic MRI Gantry Component

Medical Device components

CoorsTek manufactures medical device components using high-performance CeraPure™ ceramics. Our broad range of biocompatible ceramic materials are approved to USP Class VI for medical applications, including high-purity aluminas, zirconia toughened aluminas, yttria partially stabilized zirconias and more. 

Applications include:

  • Electrosurgical devices
  • Fluid handling/metering and pump/valve components
  • Electromechanical devices
  • Custom medical components

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IMPlantable devices & components

CoorsTek Bioceramics manufactures implant grade materials and products with over 5,500,000 critical implantable ceramic components produced since 2005 under an ISO 13485 certified and FDA compliant quality system. Our focus is orthopaedic reconstruction and other implantable devices.

Applications include:

  • Orthopaedic reconstruction 
    • Femoral heads and acetabular liners for total hip arthroplasty (hip components)
    • Knee components
    • Cervical bearing components for total disc replacement (TDR)
  • Neurological sensor and stimulator components for cochlear and retinal implants
  • Brachytherapy components for the treatment of prostate, breast, and cervical cancer
  • Heart pump ventricle assist components (implantable valves and seals)
  • Custom ceramic implantable components

Ceramics for total hip arthroplasty

Ceramic Femoral Head and Acetabular LinerCoorsTek CeraSurf®-p is a state of the art material used for ceramic bearing surfaces in total hip arthroplasty. CoorsTek CeraSurf®-p is a fully dense 75% alumina and 25% zirconia composite ceramic, engineered to incorporate advanced toughening mechanisms to improve the mechanical integrity of the material and to provide excellent wear performance.

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