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CoorsTek and Deltapore Showcase Hollow Ceramic Core Membranes

January 16 2019

CoorsTek and Deltapore Showcase Benefits of Hollow Ceramic Core Membranes Filtration for the Quality of Machined Parts

Golden, Colorado, USA ─ CoorsTek, a world’s leading engineered ceramics manufacturer and Deltapore, an industrial water treatment company, conducted a series of on-site field tests to compare the quality of coolant fluids utilizing a traditional centrifuge filtration versus ceramic hollow fiber membrane technology showing >80% removal of swarf while using the hollow ceramic coolant filtration technology. In fact, the hollow ceramic membrane filtration removes very small particles, inferior to 2 microns, compared to the traditional centrifuge technology.

CoorsTek hollow ceramic core membrane used for coolant filtration for parts manufactured with precision machining.The use of poor-quality coolant filters can lead to a range of major problems such as the accumulation of fines and abrasive particles in the coolant fluid. The fines and particles buildup in the coolant fluid reduces the quality of machined parts and leads to accelerated wear throughout the machinery, causing damage to the pump, nozzles, and even potentially to the machine tool. Also, the quality of the machine coolants and cutting oils can deteriorate rapidly due to the constant contact with bacteria, metal fines, and other waste. In fact, the presence of swarf in the coolant fluid can be a source of bacterial growth. As a result, the coolant fluids get contaminated, and overtime, lose their lubricating capabilities.

“Hollow fiber ceramic membranes combine the benefits of ceramic material with a unique geometry ensuring high capacity and easy cleaning due to the very thin coating layer of few millimeters on the surface of each tube,’ said Andreas Schneider, Executive Vice President, Europe. “As a result, the coolant fluid passes by less ceramic material compared to other geometries such as multichannel membranes”. 

The high permeability of the membranes allows for a compact unit to treat high volumes of coolant fluids. Due to the low pressure needed and the low cross-flow velocity, very little heat is transferred from the membrane unit to the coolant. This is important as an increase in temperature can have a negative impact on tooling and precision machines. The smooth internal surface of the hollow fibers prevents the particles, bacteria and other colloidal from adhering to the membrane surfaces.

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