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Cerbec® Silicon Nitride Bearing Elements

The Cerbec® Difference

CoorsTek develops and manufactures high-performance Cerbec ceramic bearing elements including bearing balls, roller blanks, and custom components. Hybrid and all-ceramic bearings that use Cerbec improve operation and extend service life for severe-service applications in energy, automotive, aerospace, and a wide range of machinery & equipment applications.


Why choose Cerbec bearing components?

Ceramic bearing balls are ideal to replace steel in applications which demand superior performance in harsh conditions. Cerbec® materials are lighter, stiffer, smoother, harder, corrosion resistant, and require less lubrication. Durable Cerbec bearing components also perform well in extreme temperatures and deliver a longer service life.

  • Lower total operating cost
  • Smoother surface & better geometry
  • Harder & stiffer than alloys          
  • Thermal stability & low CTE
  • Corrosion & electrical resistance
  • Lighter weight – low inertia & friction


What are Cerbec bearing components made of?

CoorsTek has engineered advanced ceramics specifically for bearing applications. Cerbec bearing components use proprietary CoorsTek silicon nitride compounds — delivering the ultimate combination of durable mechanical strength, thermal stability, corrosion resistance, dielectric properties, and value for hybrid and all-ceramic bearings. Multiple grades are available to provide the best value for your application.


Where are Cerbec bearing components used?

Hybrid and all-ceramic bearings with Cerbec balls and rollers are used in all kinds of demanding applications – across a range of sizes and conditions including ...

  • Automotive & aerospace powertrains
  • Turbomachinery & pumps
  • Wind turbines
  • Dental & medical drills
  • Chemical processing
  • Precision machine spindles


Cerbec Roller Bearing Element

Pictured Above: Cerbec® silicon nitride bearing element that outperforms traditional elements made of steel. Tailored material properties and finishing maximize the benefits of using ceramics.




Cerbec Balls - Amazing Story Video


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