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Porous Ceramic Membranes

Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membranes for Optimized Fluid Filtration

CoorsTek ceramic hollow fiber membrane modules offer superior, cost-effective performance for fluid filtration applications. With an innovative design comprised of groupings of hollow fiber tubes, filtered fluids discharge through porous ceramic membranes while waste materials and impurities flow through for disposal.

Chemically inert by nature, ceramics are the ideal material for process applications where high temperature, high pressure, or extreme pH make traditional polymeric membranes are unsuitable. Manufactured from high-purity aluminum oxide, the smooth internal surface of the hollow fibers prevent bacteria, yeast cells, or other impurities from adhering to the membrane surface, thus extending the life of the filtration system and offering a lower total cost of ownership.



CoorsTek ceramic hollow fiber membranes provide superior performance in a variety of filtration applications, including:

Beer Clarification
In comparison to the traditional use of diatomaceous earth (Kieselguhr) in beer filtration processes, ceramic hollow fiber membranes provide superior filtration while eliminating health risks and the need for high-cost disposal processes. High-purity porous ceramic filtration retains flavor, nutrients, and aromatic compounds while separating the hazy proteins to achieve crystal clear liquids. 

Case Study

Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membranes for Coolant Filtration

This case study explains the negative impacts that poor-quality coolant filters have on these manufacturing processes and how hollow fiber membranes made with technical ceramics solves this problem.

Download case study.

Pharmaceutical Grade Amino Acid Production
Approximately one quarter of pharmaceuticals marketed in developed countries require highly purified antibodies, vaccines, and recombinant proteins developed utilizing a tightly regulated amino acid fermentation process. Using cutting edge separation technology, ceramic hollow fiber membrane recirculation systems can replace high-cost, corrosive centrifugal separators and eliminate the necessity of secondary cooling processes.

Hollow fiber porous filtration membrane made with technical ceramics.Cold Sterilization of Skimmed Milk
To extend the shelf life of dairy products, traditional bacteria removal techniques such as pasteurization and thermization heat the products to kill pathogenic micro-organisms. As an alternative for these energy consuming and taste-affecting routes, traditional cold sterilization processes are often encumbered by membrane fouling caused by the build up of proteins, lipids, and calcium salts. Specially designed ceramic hollow fiber membrane modules offer decreased fouling by pre-treating the feed streams.

Extending the shelf life of milk via membrane technology retains the fresh taste of milk and adds a shelf life of up to 25 days after production, in comparison to just 4-8 days with regular pasteurized fresh milk.  

Industrial Laundry/Washing Machines
Utilizing ceramic membrane technology in industrial laundry systems used in hotels, hospitals, and other large institutions allows for the recycling of both water and energy. In these industrial systems, dirty water is injected into hollow fiber membrane tubes, allowing clean water to escape through the ceramic pores. The hot water is then recycled back into the system. Over the life time of an industrial washing machine, ceramic hollow fiber membrane modules recycle millions of gallons of water, and reduce energy usage by up to 70%.


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