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Technical Ceramic Metal Ball Seat Assembly

Technical Ceramic Metal Ball Seat Assembly

Abrasive fluids can cut the ball seat off a metal landing collar during pumping and cementing operationscausing the ball not to sealBut a technical ceramic ball seat insert can be installed to resist fluid cutting. The insert can be held with heat shrink technology. The heat shrink method ensures a seal between the metal and the technical ceramic insert. The ceramic-metal assemblies are typically constructed of aluminum, so the assembly is easy to completely drill-out. 

The high strength and abrasion resistance of the technical ceramic insert ensures the ball seat remains intact. As a result, when a ball is dropped and seated, pressure can be applied to activate hydraulic tools such as hydraulic-set liner hangers and packers. 

CoorsTek technical ceramic-metal sub-assemblies are made to our customer’s design. Using these technical ceramic-metal ball seats for landing collars in wellbore construction equipment will lower total cost of operations and reduce non-productive time. 


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