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Did You Miss Us at Sensor+Test 2019?

CoorsTek joined thousands of sensor & measurement professionals this June in Nuremberg, Germany to discuss the latest technologies and innovations in this rapidly changing field. Read below to learn more about our technical ceramic capabilities for sensor applications, or contact us to speak with a technical expert. 

We look forward to seeing you at Sensor+Test 2020!

Dates: June 23-25, 2020
Location: Nuremberg, Germany
CoorsTek Booth: Coming Soon

View our Sensor+TEST 2019 Forum presentation:
Technical Ceramics in Pressure Sensors: Why, When, and Where Are They Used?

Presenter:  Peter Fox, Business Development Manager
Presented Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Technical Ceramic Sensor ComponentsIn many cases, pressure sensing is needed in high temperature and corrosive environment where conventional designs may not survive. In such applications, pressure sensors constructed with technical ceramics outperform steel and silicon designs. In addition to explaining the basics of using technical ceramics in pressure sensors, this presentation will address: how pressure sensors with ceramic components are constructed, the benefits of technical ceramics, how to choose a technical ceramics partner, and various types of these specialized pressure sensors commercially available today. 

What You Missed at Sensor+Test 2019

As a leading global manufacturer of technical ceramic sensor components and the dedicated supplier of ceramics for major sensor OEMs, CoorsTek has the ability to solve complex manufacturing challenges using numerous material formulations and a broad range of manufacturing processes. At the Sensor+Test 2019 trade show in Nuremberg, CoorsTek showcased our custom ceramic solutions for fluid, pressure, temperature, capacitive, and proximity sensing for numerous applications.

Technical ceramic sensor components combine strength and reliability for extreme duty applications, providing a high level of confidence to last (or outlast) the lifetime of the equipment. CoorsTek works with our customers to provide individualized, application-specific solutions for your sensor component needs. 

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Why CoorsTek?

Manufacture of Complex Parts
CoorsTek offers a broad range of manufacturing and finishing options utilizing over 300 advanced ceramic material formulations. CoorsTek leverages numerous process capabilities along with our manufacturing expertise to produce extraordinarily complex parts for advanced technology applications. 

CoorsTek has manufacturing facilities across the world, in 13 countries across three continents. With immense manufacturing capacity, CoorsTek is capable of meeting the needs of high-volume production runs, regardless of design intricacy.

Our manufacturing facilities are certified to numerous international quality standards including ISO:2015 and TS:16949.



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