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Involved in chemical handling for over 100 years, CoorsTek chemically inert ceramics exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and durability. CoorsTek provides high-quality components, equipment, and media to meet the rigors of Chemical Processing. CoorsTek Labware pioneered the use of technical ceramics and continues to be the standard in quality lab work.

Consumer & Household

Designed for daily use, CoorsTek components for Household Durables are designed to provide a long life of consistent performance. CoorsTek Luxury Products combine cutting edge technology with uncompromising designs.

Defense & Security

CoorsTek provides specialized mission-critical components for defense and security applications. Each CoorsTek Aerospace Defense and Armor Component product is designed and manufactured for providing reliable, lightweight, and well-tested service. CoorsTek has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide Defense Contracting solutions from custom components to full Specialized Assemblies.


Engineered ceramics have long been used in electronics. CoorsTek products provide reliability for Communications & Computer equipment and for precision sensors. They also support efficiency in microelectronics and enable new technological growth in Lighting & Display.


CoorsTek components help support the energy industry. From harnessing energy in severe applications in the Mining & Mineral, Oil & Gas, and Renewable industries. To the Power & Utilities applications involving transforming, transporting, and storing that energy efficiently.

Equipment & Machinery

From Precision Measurements to Industrial scale production, CoorsTek provides long-wearing and high precision components for machinery and equipment. Specific examples include the Building & Manufacturing, and Pulp & Paper industries.

Food & Agriculture

CoorsTek manufactures specialized Agricultural spray nozzles, can tooling, and NSF-certified components for Food Processing & Beverage Handling equipment.


Combining materials knowledge and engineering expertise, CoorsTek is helping aid the evolution of the medical industry. CoorsTek consistently partners with customers to execute Contract Design & Manufacturing projects, provide Medical Device Components, improve efficiency in Pharmaceutical manufacturing, and pioneer new technologies in Implantable Components.


Engineered ceramics are used in the semiconductor industry because of their excellent material properties. Ultra-pure ceramics are often used in the whole cycle of semiconductor manufacturing including Semiconductor Wafer & Wafer Processing, Semiconductor Fabrication (Front End), and Semiconductor Packaging (Back End).


Engineered ceramics are used for engine, electrical, and fluid systems components in the Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, and Rail Industries.


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