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Hall 5, Booth 164

Nuremberg Convention Center (Nürnberg Messe)

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Tuesday, June 26:   9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Wednesday, June 27:  9 a.m. - 6 p.m. 
Thursday, June 28:  9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Technical Ceramic Sensor Component

CoorsTek Sensor Components at Sensor+Test 2018

CoorsTek sensor components combine strength and reliability for extreme duty applications, providing a high level of confidence to last (or outlast) the lifetime of the equipment. With multiple material formulations and numerous manufacturing methods, CoorsTek works with our customers to provide individualized, application-specific solutions for your sensor component needs.

Visit CoorsTek at the upcoming Sensor+Test 2018 trade show in Nuremberg, Germany to learn more about our sensor solutions:

  • Fluid
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Capacitive
  • Proximity
  • Custom Applications


Visit Hall 5, Booth 164 to Learn More about Ceramics for Sensor Applications 

Ceramics are infinitely customizable to meet a variety of requirements for critical duty applications. With extraordinary material properties, CoorsTek ceramics are the gold standard for sensor applications.


Why Ceramics for sensor applications?

Corrosion Resistance/Non-Reactivity
The inert properties of ceramics guarantee a lifetime of compatibility. As technologies innovate and improve, ceramic sensor components continue to reliably and accurately perform throughout millions of cycles. For automotive fluid sensing, including fuel, HVAC, transmission, break and oil systems, sensor components do not require upgrades or recalibration with fluid composition changes. This provides a level of confidence and security for automotive manufacturers and other OEMs in guaranteeing against corrosion and leakage.

Thermal Stability
Technical ceramics offer extraordinary thermal properties, making them ideal for high-heat environments where sensors are used, including electronics and automobile engines, pumps and fueling systems. With a low coefficient of thermal expansion and low thermal conductivity many technical ceramic formulations are stable in extreme temperatures.

Elasticity/Fatigue Resistance
With outstanding flexural strength, CoorsTek technical ceramics are the ideal materials for ultra-sensitive sensor applications. For A/C substrates and diaphragms, oil pressure sensors, and many other applications, technical ceramics are capable of resisting fatigue well beyond metals and plastics, returning to a steady state for each and every cycle.

Volume Resistivity
Volume resistivity measures how well a material restricts the flow of electrical energy, regardless of the application's geometry. Insulative materials have a very high resistivity, while conductive materials have a low resistivity. Most technical ceramics are insulators, perfect for sensor components requiring intricate electrical connections.


Why CoorsTeK?

Materials Expertise
With over 300 advanced ceramic material formulations, CoorsTek will work with you to select the most reliable, high performing material to fit your design. Our material experts are on hand throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistent, proven performance. Use the Material Comparison Tool to compare and contrast ceramic material properties.

Design for Manufacturability
At CoorsTek, our core focus is partnering with our clients to develop high-quality, consistent, and repeatable designs. We then take those designs through to manufacturing with vertically integrated, tightly controlled processes, ensuring your final products are exact to specifications. Our engineers work with your team from inception to delivery 

With over 500,000 sq. meters of manufacturing space located across four continents, CoorsTek offers immense capacity to meet your manufacturing needs. Our facilities are certified to numerous international quality standards including ISO:2015 and TS:16949.


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