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Technical ceramic materials are inherently biocompatible, making them ideal for both in vitro and in vivo use in medical devices and surgical implants. Additionally, technical ceramic materials are unique in that they can be customized to meet the specific material requirements for numerous medical and surgical applications, including high-strength, low-weight, corrosion resistance, electrical resistivity, RF transparency, and more.

For the medical device and surgical implant industries, CoorsTek and its subsidiary CoorsTek Bioceramics* produce state-of-the art components for numerous medical and surgical applications. We have developed numerous materials customized specifically for medical device and surgical implant applications, including Permallon™ orthopaedic ceramics used to manufacture femoral heads and acetabular liners for total hip arthroplasty, and CeraPure™ high-purity ceramics for medical equipment devices.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, CoorsTek guarantees consistent quality and performance of our technical ceramic components. Starting with the production of raw materials all the way through finishing, testing, and inspection of finished components, CoorsTek has the finest control over the manufacturing process.

High-Strength Components for Surgical Implants 


CeraSurf-p Ceramic Femoral Head and Acetabular LIner

CoorsTek Bioceramics manufactures implant grade materials and products under an ISO 13485 certified and FDA compliant quality system. Since 2005, CoorsTek has sold and distributed over six million critical implantable ceramic components for clinical use. Our focus is orthopaedic reconstruction, primarily concentrated on technical ceramic femoral heads and acetabular liners for Total Hip Arthroplasty. In addition, CoorsTek Bioceramics are used in other implantable devices. Located in Grand Junction, CO USA, CoorsTek Bioceramics offers best-in-class quality standards and testing procedures. Learn More >>


Enhanced Performance for Medical Equipment 


Medical devices help accurately diagnose health conditions, shorten patient’s recovery time, and enhance the quality of patient care. Technical ceramic components are increasingly important in medical device applications thanks to their very specialized properties, such as heat resistance, mechanical strength, and electrical insulation.

Metallized Electrical Feedthrough Component

Due to these uniquely customizable material properties, technical ceramic materials are ideal for producing components designed for medical devices and equipment. CoorsTek CeraPure™ high-purity ceramics are designed to work well in numerous medical applications requiring high-strength, resistance to thermal shock, biocompatibility, high-temperature electrical resistivity, and superior chemical resistance. Learn More >>


Components for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Process


CoorsTek provides an array of hard, durable, inert, and corrosion-resistant components for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Let our experts assist you with material selection, design for manufacturability, and custom engineering. Learn More >>

Essential Components for Healthcare

American Ceramics Society November 2020 "Bulletin" magazine cover image

Learn how technical ceramics are advancing medical technologies in the American Ceramic Society Bulletin article, Better Bodies with Biomaterials: How Ceramic and Glass Contribute to the $110B Global Market for Biomaterials.

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Bioinert technical ceramic components enhance the performance of numerous medical devices, and CoorsTek offers numerous process capabilities ideal for manufacturing minimally invasive device components, such as ceramic micro-injection molding, sub-assembly, and micro-machining.

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*CoorsTek Bioceramics is a wholly owned subsidiary of CoorsTek, Inc.